Camp Activities

Our SOAR Camp provides a variety of things to do so everyone can have fun. Imagine having a swimming pool, climbing wall, rifle/shotgun range, archery range, rappelling cliff, and much more, right in our SOAR camp. In addition to our Merit Badge and Adventure programs, we have a variety of Troop Activities and Other Program Offerings.

Troop Activities

Our SOAR Camp has an hour and a half set aside Monday through Thursday for Troop time. Activities are available for units to participate in including Troop Shoot (Archery and Rifle), Makua (team building games), Free Swim, and more! Check out the 2018 Leader and Parent Guide and talk to your Commissioner at camp to learn more.

Other Program

Our camp offers a variety of additional programs for Scouts and leaders to enhance the SOAR experience. We offer a Senior Patrol Leader Training Program, Knot Program, Makua, Honor Troop Program, A Scout is Reverent, and more. For more information on each of these programs check out the 2018 Leader and Parent Guide.