WEST SYSTEM G/Flex Epoxy (2-4oz)

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G/flex Epoxy Adhesive belongs in each and every boater’s repair kit. Get a water-proof, versatile bond on plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and the like. The 650-8 kit provides you with two 4 oz.. bottles of the liquid epoxy. The 650-8 kit accommodates 4 oz.. each and every of viscous liquid G/flex 650 resin and hardener. Blending ratio is 1:1. Mixed G/flex 650 is of a heavy “syrup” consistency. It’s going to run off a vertical surface. 650 will also be thickened with inert filling fabrics. G/flex is a manufactured from West System, a division of Gougeon Brother’s, Inc. The Gougeon brothers have been the usage of epoxy resins in boat development and service for a few 50 years. It makes structural bonds that may take in the stresses of enlargement, contraction, shock and vibration. Along with its superior bonding to a variety of fabrics and its skill to bond dissimilar fabrics, G/flex is a lot more versatile than different epoxies. This is a superb property for boat development and service. Polyethylene (HDPE) is a commonplace kayak and canoe subject matter. Its molecular structure resists gluing by so much adhesives. G/flex solves the issue; it bonds neatly to polyethylene and ABS plastics. At 72 F pot life is 45 mins. Working time is 75 mins. It cures to a superb in three hours and cures to its full strength in a single to 2 days. It cures faster in hotter temperatures and slower in chillier ones. Blank up is understated. Wipe up spills with absorbent fabrics. Blank residue before it cures, with alcohol or acetone. G/flex adheres tenaciously to tough-to-glue hardwoods, each tropical and domestic types. It has the power to connect damp woods. It may be used on wet surfaces, even underwater when applied with explicit ways. G/flex does indeed belong in each and every boater’s repair kit. The more you utilize it, the more uses you’ll be able to to find for it – together with your boating equipment and different wearing and home goods. It is simple to combine and use. The directions that include the kit are most sensible notch.

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