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6-Day, 5-Night Camp with a 3-Day off-site Adventure Experience

Youth & Participating Adults: $465.00          Non-Participating Adult: $125.00 (Staying in Camp)

Dates:   Week #1 (LDS Week): 6/18 – 6/23     Week #2: 6/25 – 6/30     Week #3:  7/9 – 7/14     Week #4:  7/16 – 7/21

Unit Deposit: $250 (non-refundable after November 30th)

This camp is an exceptional choice for older scouts, venturers, or troops that are looking for a high adventure experience in the Rocky Mountains.  We offer an exceptional team-based approach to the camp, which includes a 3-Day off-site adventure during the week. Participants must be at least 14 years old or 13 and have finished the 8th grade.

You select your adventure: whitewater rafting or an amazing backpacking trip deep in the Colorado wilderness.

When you are not out on your adventure, enjoy your other days at camp while staying in one of our Tipi Villages, with in-camp full service dining. 

During your stay at Camp, we also offer Merit Badge instruction, but Merit Badge completion should not be the objective for this camp. See the 2018 Leader & Parent Guide for more information on 3-Day Adventures.

This camp is ideal for Venturing Crews looking for a high adventure component to their program. This is a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience that will have your Scouts talking about this for years to come. Are you up to the challenge?

Click here to see the 2017 Adventure specific packing list for Rafting and Wilderness Backpacking!

2017 Summer Camp Registration coming soon! The Steve Fossett Spirit of Adventure Ranch is Nationally Accredited through the Boy Scouts of America National Camp Accreditation Program.

Payment Schedule: 

February 28, 2018: $150 per & Participating Adult 

April 10, 2018: $150 per Scout & Participating Adult

May 15, 2018: $165 per Scout & Participating Adult

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