BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Transom Tie-Down, 1 Pair Price: $76.10 (as of 05/04/2023 16:12 PST- Details)


The BoatBuckle G2 Stainless Metal Retractable Transom Tie-Down is without equal tie-down machine in comfort, taste and innovation in trailer boat rigging. This tie-down machine is sort of a seat belt on your boat. It is available in same old and stainless-steel fashions. The stainless-steel is absolute best for brackish or saltwater environments, and each fashions can adapt to so much mounting angles. Every same old tie-down has a holiday power of 2,500 kilos with 833 kilos of secure operating load, even as Every stainless-steel has a holiday power of 1,500 kilos with 500 kilos of secure operating load.

Self-storing straps are made out of 2-inch seatbelt-high quality polyester internet and lengthen as much as 43 inches. They routinely retract to carry the boat comfortable to the trailer. It includes a easy integrated ratchet with SUR-Grip rubber-grip deal with with free up lever that can be utilized with only one hand. Vinyl coating at the hooks protects your boat’s end. One-bolt deploy makes the BoatBuckle a part of your trailer so it gained’t get misplaced like typical tie-downs.

BoatBuckle emblem tie-down methods be offering skilled fishermen and weekend boaters handy, top quality tie-down methods so they are able to spend extra time at the water and not more time at the boat ramp. IMMI is the best marine tie-down producer in North The us.

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